Has Walter the dog died?

You might not feel that you know who Walter the Dog is, but you’ve likely seen (or maybe used) a picture together with his face on it as a meme. The bull terrier is the most famous for the staring / front camera meme, which includes a closeup of his face.

The image first went viral in 2018, when Walter’s owner posted the photo with the caption “When u open the front-facing camera accident.” The tweet obtained more than 45,000 likes.

The canine was soon dubbed”Walter the Dog” from the internet, but his real name is really Nelson.

Like many other online celebrities, Walter that the Dog has been the topic of death rumors. A photo of an injured bull terrier started circulating on Twitter, and a great number of users started posting their condolences about Walter’s passing.

Can Walter the Dog perish? His owner confirmed whether Walter had passed away.

The death rumors surrounding Walter the Dog began circulating when a CelebritiesDeaths.com posted an article featuring several photographs that showed a bull terrier with multiple gunshot wounds. The headline for the article”Pana Walter The Dog which People Use His Face to Make Staring Meme Has Passed Away.”

The post soon got traction on the internet, despite the fact that Walter’s title was incorrectly published. Many Twitter and Instagram users started sharing a screenshot of the headline to send along their condolences. Others were devastated the puppy had appeared to die in such a gruesome way.

Walter’s apparent owner, Victoria Leigh, dealt with and slammed the death rumors about the puppy’s Instagram page. It is very important to be aware that Walter’s Instagram account is not confirmed, but it will have almost 200,000 followers.

From the post, Victoria comprised the viral pictures that suggested that Walter died, and she explained that those photographs were of a different dog named Billy. The dog in the photos was captured during an armed robbery in Philadelphia in February of 2020.

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I really don’t understand where this picture originated, but I am pleased to report that Nelson is NOT dead. The injured dog at the vet photos is named Billy. He was taken protecting his owner during an armed robbery, but has since made a full recovery (see next slide). Billy does not deserve to be utilized as a hoax to spread sadness,” the caption began.

“If anything (god forbid) ever happens to Nelson, upgrades will come out of his social media accounts, on and here Twitter, @.PupperNelson. Anything else you see online is just a rumor…” the caption concluded.

At a follow up article, Victoria poked fun at the passing poke rumors by putting up a photo of Walter/Nelson holding a sheet of paper using the time, date and the words”I’m Alive” on his nose.

Although it’s unsettling that Walter / Nelson was involved in a hoax, supporters of the meme is going to be happy to learn that there is no truth to the rumors of his death. Plus, dealing with a passing hoax is oftentimes a prerequisite of being a star.

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